Beyond Reality

Recent works by Subhendu Sarkar


Chitrakoot Art Gallery

14-16 August, 2011


Prakash Kejariwal, Anjan Sen,

Nirbed Roy, Prabir Sen,

Krishnendu Chaki, Debojyoti Mishra,

Pravash Kejariwal, Nepal Bhadra,

Sujit Marik, Sourav Jana,

Debnath Biswas, Goutam Majhi, Achintya Sural,

Arijit Dasgupta, Partha Paul

Beyond Reality

Subhendu Sarkar among the canopy of young contemporary artists has definitely created a niche'. He defines it as- 'Beyond Reality'. Our observation of the shape and size all around us do not take the same form in his canvas, they portray themselves in abstraction. The regular day to day life, the ambience all around culminating with sorrow and gaiety have been captured in strong lines and sporadic colour schemes. These lines often show power and aggression. They probably announce the all pervasive 'Look-at-me' attitude where Subhendu is clear in his choice of colours.

Watch out the use of space in his works. Copying human and nature in its true real form was a major tendency of European art prevalent till the 19th century. It was absent in Indian art. Artist often looked beyond the subject to get into the inner core of the creation. The academic concept of Europe after reaching India put an end to the findings of the inner vision, until the 'Bengal School' revived it under the craftsmanship of Abanindranath Thakur establishing Orientalism. Rabindranath also shunned this 'direct realism'. To him, painting originates in mind. He sternly rejects the idea of absolute direct realism in his essay, 'Man the Artist'.

Subhendu has the wings up above this reality. Man, nature, pathos, everything that he feels through his inner conscience turns into a picture, a projection land we see a riot of forms, shapes and sizes a psychedelic diversity 'Untitled-XVII'- a subconscious flow of elapsing time, little bigger in frame where worms of morbidity and darkness scribble and squeeze. In the 'Untitled-XIV'- we encounter an abstract Sufi dancer extending his hands as if to rejoice and accept own self with humiliation and prayer.

In 'Untitled-III'- we came across multiple diversions of hands and legs in a dancing stint. The darkness of the time has truly been engulfing in this picture with a strong artistic protest. We find most of the paintings having black as a focal theme in this exhibition, there are dimensional and multifaceted mythical world creating an atmosphere of frolic and sorrow partly influenced by mystic light and shadow. 

A dark cold mossy green black tinge is ever present in this paintings of Subhendu. This prolific expression of joy and bitterness has submerged with absolute abstraction into the fresh new world of paintings by Subhendu.

In the contemporary art movement, different dictions namely-installation, video art, sight specific performance has definite definition. We genuinely notice those impressions in Subhendu's works which are often projected meticulously where tradition and modern time merged superbly opening up the doors of perception. Subhendu's vision search the infinity.


Anjan Sen

July 2011



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